Our vision is to be feared and envied by our competitors: feared for our ability and envied for our culture.

It’s a statement that might sound strong. But we respect our competitors and know they don’t stand still. Only by being the company of choice for both our people and clients can we protect Alpha’s growth for long into the future. For our clients and investors, this growth ensures we remain a leading financial services business and a strong investment. But for our people, it ensures we can remain a platform that can change their lives. Turning this into a reality ultimately comes down to our purpose – to create an exceptional community, full of opportunity, that works hard but lives well.

An exceptional community.

We are committed to fostering a fun and supportive environment where everyone gets better. To do this, we surround great people with great people, and give them everything they need to do their best work. Importantly, a great person at Alpha isn’t just someone who can do the job – it’s someone who people enjoy working with.

Staying true to these principles has enabled our community to grow into new countries, products and business ventures, as well as partner with some of the world’s leading performance coaches.

Full of opportunity.

We’re passionate about ensuring every member of our team has an opportunity in front of them to learn more, earn more and ultimately progress their careers. For many of us this includes working towards becoming an equity partner in the business. Over 110 people in our team are already shareholders, and this foundation of ‘collective ownership’ is at the core of who we are and how we behave as a business.

Working hard, but living well.

Only by working hard can we sustain the level of opportunity that we provide, but only by living well do we maintain a community that people want to be a part of. Living well at Alpha fundamentally means having the time and opportunity to do the things that matter most to you whilst feeling happy and fulfilled. And working hard means having the courage to learn new things and push beyond your comfort zone. It doesn’t mean working long hours!

Our Values

Act as One

We learn together, grow together and win together. We expect one another to challenge actions inconsistent with our culture, celebrate other people’s wins as well as our own, and put the team before themselves. We never forget that individual success is amplified by the team around us.

Be Humble

Nobody’s the finished article and everyone can learn something from someone. Ideas lead the way, not titles or egos. We don’t let success go to our heads, nor do we let criticism go to our hearts. We’re here to listen, learn and grow so we can continue to raise the bar even higher.

Seek Reality

We keep an open mind and consider multiple perspectives, asking the difficult questions to uncover the best insights and avoid confirmation bias by seeking opposing opinions. Only by questioning our beliefs and preconceptions can we get closer to reality.

Make Moves

Whether it’s solving a complex problem or even bringing someone up who’s on a low, we do the meaningful things that make the biggest difference. In a world where people are often going through the motions, we execute with urgency and hold ourselves accountable to the end result.

Expect More

We’re comfortable with being uncomfortable, because that’s part of how we grow. By reflecting on our journey, being self- critical about our performance and using any setback as an opportunity for a comeback, we continually re-evaluate what it means to be successful.

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