High-impact financial solutions,
focused on quality not quantity.

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We know that to make a substantial and enduring difference to our clients, we can’t spread ourselves thinly across thousands of others. So, we don’t.

We traded over £20bn last year, to become one of the world’s largest corporate currency management specialists.


Yet we still work with less than 1,000 clients, in order that we can focus our time and resource on making a meaningful impact.


We support our clients with a dedicated and experienced team of more than 350 people, to provide an attentive high-touch service.

Client Charter


Knowing what’s right

All of our solutions are led by Senior Partners in the business – experienced strategists who have been successfully managing billions in currency exposures over many years. Furthermore, so that you can be confident in each solution’s effectiveness, we demonstrate how they’ll perform upfront, so you can see the value they provide before deciding to transact with us.

Doing what’s right

Integrity is everything at Alpha. Whilst banks and foreign exchange providers need clients to transact to generate revenue, if it’s not in your interest or we don’t think we’re right for your business, we’ll tell you. All of our Partners hold equity in Alpha, so creating the best outcomes for you and your long-term success working with us is something that is both professional and personal.

Both David and Goliath.

We’ve grown our business in a way that ensures that whilst you’ll benefit from the scale and resources of a large partner, you’ll also benefit from the dynamic and attentive service of a small one.


We are a profitable, debt-free business listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a market cap in excess of £800m.

With £144m in net assets but less than 1,000 clients, we are able to provide attractive hedging facilities and wholesale pricing.


With a client to employee ratio of 4:1, we ensure our clients receive the personal attention their businesses deserve.

Currency Management

Take control of the unpredictable with an approach to risk management that focuses on your business, not the currency market.

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Mass Payments

Leverage a cutting-edge payments platform built for companies sending large volumes of payments globally.

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Global Accounts

Open in-country accounts globally in every currency you need and manage them all via one intuitive platform.

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