Currency markets are unpredictable.
Their impact on your business doesn’t
need to be.

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Since our inception in 2009, Alpha has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of currency risk management services. Our strategies are relied upon by global businesses in more than 50 countries yet, importantly, we didn’t get here by trying to predict the currency markets.

The elephant in the room.

There is no shortage of advice or opinions on where exchange rates are going. However, for those deciding how to manage their currency exposures, the elephant in the room is obvious: in the long-term, nobody can predict the future, let alone the currency market. Despite this, currency purchasing decisions are still frequently based on a ‘best guess’ and therefore companies remain materially vulnerable to currency risk.

Building up your strategy.

At Alpha, a Senior Partner will work with you to develop a strategy that is aligned to the commercial objectives of your business, your competitive environment and your risk appetite. These strategies will guide you on: when to hedge, how much to hedge, how far forward to hedge, and just as importantly, whether you should be hedging at all.

Our strategies are backtested to show their effectiveness, and we believe you should pay nothing unless you see value in them. Instead, we monetise our service like a traditional broker when (or if) you decide to transact with us.

Windows of opportunity.

With a strategy in place, you’ll likely have an element of discretion over when you buy currency. Whilst history shows us long-term market predictions are inconsistent at best, it also shows opportunities do exist within short time frames. Our dedicated analysts will therefore work in line with your strategy to help guide market entry up to three months into the future.

Fast, flexible, competitive.

When it comes time to execute your transactions, we can provide everything you would expect from a leading foreign exchange specialist – from simple spot contracts, through to a range of hedging products and over-the-counter derivatives. Indeed, we work with a number of clients who do not require our advisory services but still choose us based on the effectiveness and competitiveness of our execution capabilities alone.

Net assets of £144m and a focused client base, means we can provide attractive hedging facilities and fast decision making.

Transacting over £20bn annually ensures we can achieve wholesale pricing for our clients through our global panel of liquidity providers.


We pride ourselves on a proactive and attentive level of client service, supported by our client to staff ratio of 4:1.