Whether your exposure exists for a few hours, or a few years, our focus is on delivering the best possible approach for your fund.

We believe that to unlock value where more generalist providers struggle, an understanding of alternative investments is just as important as our expertise in managing currency.

Our experience spans both fund-level and investment-level currency management strategies across a range of needs, including: portfolio risk, transaction risk, closing risk and operational FX risk. We also believe in being honest when a strategic approach to managing currency is unlikely to be worthwhile. By placing both expertise and integrity at the heart of our service, we provide our clients with the peace of mind that they are taking the best approach possible for their fund and remain a trusted partner within the alternative investment industry.

We understand your scepticism.

If you work within the Alternative Investment industry, you’ll likely be familiar with providers offering currency management strategies that fail to address the needs of your fund’s investment profile. As a result, many new clients will approach us with doubts over whether a strategic approach to currency management is even realistic, or necessary. Often therefore, the perception is that the only value that can come from managing currency is in the pricing and timing of transactions. And in some cases, this will be true!

Aligned to your investment lifecycle.

Long before recommending any strategies or looking at the currency market, our approach will consider your investment profile, what stage you are at in your lifecycle, and your investment objectives.

Only then can we recommend the best solutions to achieve your desired outcome – whether that’s a bespoke hedging strategy, or simply improving on the timing and pricing of your transactions. Underpinning our approach is a focus on ensuring all your decisions can be backed by expert rationale that can be easily communicated to your stakeholders, if ever required.

Cash is king, and
we treat it that way.

We recognise that for a strategic approach to be attractive, the time, cost and liquidity demands traditionally required to deliver it have to be overcome.

All our strategies are provided upfront and at no cost, and our size and scale mean that, for clients looking to hedge, we can offer uncollateralised hedging facilities and the flexibility to move settlement dates in a simple and cost-effective way. With the value of a strategy evidenced, we then provide ongoing support and an intuitive online platform to ensure adopting and maintaining it is fast and straightforward.

Fast, flexible, competitive.

When it comes time to execute your transactions, we can provide all of the products and benefits you would expect from a leading foreign exchange specialist transacting over £20bn per annum – from simple spot contracts, through to a range of hedging products and over-the-counter derivatives. Indeed, we work with a number of clients who do not require our advisory services, but still choose us based on the effectiveness and competitiveness of our execution capabilities alone.

With net assets in excess of £144m, we have the resources to provide attractive and flexible credit facilities to support clients looking to hedge.

We transact over £20bn annually which ensures we can achieve sharper pricing for our clients and have a track record that can be trusted.


With over 170 employees dedicated to the alternative investment industry, we offer clients the attention and expertise they deserve.

FX has a huge impact on our investors and the team at Alpha are instrumental in helping us structure a strategy to mitigate risk on the share class. Having dealt with a number of FX providers before, the biggest advantage of working with Alpha is dealing with a team who fully understand the pressures and problems faced by investment managers. By providing us with the ability to track the impact of FX throughout the life of an investment from our side, their unique approach will serve us well in raising further foreign capital.

Javier Boveda, Chief Financial Officer, Incus Capital

Previously we always managed FX in a more reactionary way, yet Alpha presented us with an innovative solution for our management fees, working with us across various entities to create a smoother budgeting process across the group.

Emma Anderson, Chief Financial Officer, Capital Dynamics

FX affects Beechbrook in a number of ways and Alpha’s team have always been on hand to help in a timely manner where necessary. They have a deep understanding of the industry, which allows us the flexibility and service a fund like ours requires to operate in a competitive landscape.

Alan Chu, Finance and Operations Director, Beechbrook Capital