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Remaining both
David and Goliath.

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Overcoming the Growth Paradox.

As a business grows, so does the size and strength of its capabilities. The more effectively it can leverage these capabilities, the faster it should grow. However, this becomes harder the larger it becomes…

In our experience, successful start-ups grow quickly for three key reasons: they have strong teams with strong cultures; they move fast; and they have strong relationships with their clients and understand what’s important to them. Established businesses which start to slow down, do so for the same reasons but in reverse. As they scale they: compromise on their people and culture; become mired in legacy systems and bureaucratic processes; and lose touch with what’s important to their clients.

It is our belief that a business that can grow its capabilities without diluting the ‘start-up DNA’ that made it successful in the first place, is the one that is best positioned for long-term sustainable growth. It is for these reasons we remain relentlessly focused on being both ‘David and Goliath’ as we grow.

Our start-up DNA…


Providing an exceptional community full of opportunity, that inspires our team to expel discretionary energy and go further than our peers.


Reducing complexity and complacency as we scale to provide a low friction and efficient experience for our clients and team.


Scaling a high-performing yet client-centric sales team that puts our clients’ needs first whilst seeking to better understand them.

+ Growing Capabilities


Market Capitalisation

Net Assets


Tech stack updates p.a.

Employee Headcount

Global Offices

Distinct product offerings

= Long-term sustainable growth…